Manual for Installing and Running the Docker Image

We suggest you use the Linux operating system and run the commands as the root user.

(1). Install docker

We suppose that you have installed the docker environment, otherwise please go to this link for help. The docker image can be downloaded from download link.

(2). Start the docker service

service docker start

(3). Load the docker image

docker load < rgse.tar

(4). Create the result folder

mkdir /root/result

(5). Run the test scripts

Running the test scripts downloaded from this link. We set the time threshold to be 5 minutes in default, you can adjust it through changing the value of the time period in the running script. We take the program BMPDecoder for an example. The general command is ”./docker_runBMPDecoder arg1 arg2”.

DFS mode: ./ docker_runBMPDecoder 0 0

Slicing mode: ./ docker_runBMPDecoder 0 1

Guiding mode: ./ docker_runBMPDecoder 1 0

(6). Check the results

The results are stored in the directory “/root/result” that you created in step 4. For example, TestBMPwithSlicing.0.0.result, TestBMPwithSlicing.0.1.result, and TestBMPwithSlicing.1.0.result are the result files for the DFS mode, path slicing mode, and guiding mode, respectively. At the bottom of the result file, you can find the detailed running statistics, e.g., the explored paths and time consumption.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.